Supervisor Skills: Secrets of Success

5 Time Management Recommendations for Supervisors

September 26, 2023 AEU LEAD Season 3 Episode 11
Supervisor Skills: Secrets of Success
5 Time Management Recommendations for Supervisors
Show Notes

Most supervisors find themselves in a race with the clock every day. A universal norm is that there’s seemingly never enough time to get everything done. Developing skills and employing best practices in time management is not only important, it’s essential to ongoing success in frontline roles. In this episode, podcast host Joe White provides five recommendations for better utilizing the time we each collectively share.

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About Joe

As Director of AEU LEAD, Joe White focuses on helping members transform operational goals into actionable plans through a structured change management process. Prior to joining AEU, Joe was a senior consultant for E.I. DuPont’s consulting division, DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS). He joined DSS in 2011 to develop the next generation of safety practices using extensive research in behavioral sciences he’s compiled over a period of nearly two decades. His efforts resulted in the development of The Risk Factor, which is now the flagship instructor-led offering for the consulting division. Combined, Joe has 26 years of operational safety experience, the majority of which was with DuPont. Joe has been published in Occupational Health & Safety Magazine for his prominent work in safety relative to behavioral and neurosciences and is an event speaker at many leading industry conferences including National Safety Council (NSC) Congress and Expos, American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), and National Maritime Safety Association (NMSA). Joe is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and has a B.S., in Safety and Risk Administration.

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Supervisor Skills: Secrets of Success is a production of AEU LEAD, a division of The American Equity Underwriters, Inc. With 60 years of combined industry experience, our supervisor training program gives mid-level managers in the maritime industry the skills needed to influence employees, customers, and peers. This increases employee engagement, reduces turnover and rework, and ultimately results in higher profits for their companies. 

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